“Solei? Is that French?”
Nope, Cuban. It’s pronounced SoLEHRR.

“Wow, you don’t look Cuban.”
Ricky married Lucy and I’m Ricky Jr.

“Ha. Do you get this a lot?”


Rebecca grew up in Boston (go Pats & Sox!) and credits her mom for enforcing the pronunciation of the letter R at the end of her words. In high school she moved to Sugar Land, TX and met her best friend/future husband while in a riveting production of “Once on this Island”.
Rebecca spends much of her time in a recording booth convincing you to buy stuff, making silly voices and narrating YA novels. Consequently she is an expert in unrequited love, the supernatural, frozen yoghurt, household cleaning products and supernatural teens who eat froyo while cleaning.  

She gave up running marathons after her ankles betrayed her but can be found attempting to spin or swim her hiney off...because she WON’T give up cheese.